Wymondham Guide - About Us Page

Hey and here you are at our internet site, we are Gill and Stephen and we jumped into creating internet sites some years ago (approximately ten years ).

We created this web-site, utilizing a notion that we've actually been engaged on for some time now, delivering us a remarkable sensation of achievement and pleasure, it has been lots of fun to do, troublesome occasionally, and yet consequently satisfying.

With luck this internet site should not frighten you off with maddening pop-up windows, frequently seeking to offer you something or perhaps get you to join for a newsletter you usually do not want to get (filling your e-mail inbox with direct mail).

Delivering great data on each and every web page of our web site is without a doubt our main ambition, whilst myself and gill still need to earn a living so as to keep all of it running, so you could quite possibly run into a bit of advertisements, could you please excuse us for this, we attempt never to go over the top.

Hopefully that you'll have the same amount of enjoyment visiting the internet site, as we gained creating it, we will then be contented we have performed our task in the right manner.

Enjoy, Gill and Stephen - September 2012.